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Everything we do as a church needs to propel us toward the fulfillment of the vision. In the groups ministry, our goal is to develop mature disciples in biblical community who know God intimately, love people deeply, and live the gospel message daily. The goal of groups aligns with the vision.

what is a group?

A group is a focused gathering that meets to engage God and His mission in this world.

Focused — There is intentionality to meet and intentionality in meeting.

Engage God — There is a desire to engage God in worship, Bible study, questions, repentance, obedience, service, giving, prayer, and more.

Engage His mission in this world — There is understanding of and involvement in the redemptive mission of God expressed in the gospel.

a group is a family

Life Baptist Church is a family. A group is a smaller part of that family! Families don’t try to “do life” together; healthy families properly respond to the events of life.

In times of sadness, families cry together and comfort each other.

In times of joy, families celebrate with each other.

On special occasions, families get together.

When conflict arises, families talk to each other and work things out.

When faced with a challenge, families rally together and support and pray for each other.




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If you can’t find a group that meets your needs, or you aren’t sure where you can fit in, let us know!

Please include the following in your message…

Anything else you would like us to know to help you get connected.

We may not always have a group immediately available, however, we want to know the needs of our church body so that we can do our best to meet them.

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