Infants through
5th grade

In relation to the gospel, some children will understand the message at an earlier age.

It is our responsibility as a church to teach gospel truths from the earliest days of childhood through adulthood. Research shows kids are never too young to begin hearing the gospel, but the window of receptivity begins to close the older they get. Children who attend Kids’Life will hear the gospel over and over again.

If you are a first-time visitor with kids coming to Kids’Life or you are a current attendee bringing a friend, registering the children online will help speed your check in process. We look forward to seeing you!

New family and visitor registration




Nursery is a clean, safe and nurturing environment where your infant will begin to discover who God is through the love and prayer from our volunteers.


Preschool is a place where toddlers can begin to build friendships, have fun, and learn about Jesus’ love for them through our creative lessons, games, songs and hands on activities.


Kids’Life is the best place for your elementary aged child to build a biblical foundation for their life through Bible lessons, interactive games, engaging worship songs and small group time. Here they will be given the opportunity to start a life-changing relationship with Jesus and develop into the leaders that God created them to be.


Interested In Working With Kids?

Complete the form below and our Kids’Life Director will be in touch with you!

Also, please note that all Kids’Life volunteers are required to go through a background check and application process before becoming a qualified volunteer. Our kids health and safety is a top priority at Life. Volunteers will also be required to attend additional yearly training sessions to ensure that our kids’, as well as our volunteer’s needs, are being met. Before submitting the form below, understand that we require a certain degree of commitment from our volunteers.

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